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A better future can often be had by making the right choices. Let us help you make informed decisions when you are facing divorce, child custody or some other family law matter.

Family Law
Criminal Defense

A strong defense is your only safe bet when you are facing criminal charges. All criminal charges, from minor to the most serious will have an impact on your life if you do not take them seriously.

Criminal Defense
Personal Injury

Putting your life back together after suffering serious injuries can require substantial medical care and financial support. We can help you pursue the full compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury

North Idaho Law Attorneys

Serving Coeur d’ Alene Since 2006

At Palmer George PLLC, our firm is committed to helping our clients through the difficult situations they are facing. We offer representation that is backed up by numerous attorneys with experience across a range of practice areas, including criminal defense, family law, personal injury. We understand what it takes to build the cases our clients need to help them move past the challenges they are now facing.

Your Future Is In Good Hands

We take a team approach to the law. All of the lawyers of our firm bring real depth of experience and skill. With a team approach, we are able to take on the most difficult cases with the confidence that comes from having faced issues like yours before. We use that team approach to the law to create the positive results our clients need when their futures are hanging in the balance. We know what is at stake for you and we work hard to secure the results you need.

Securing The Future You Deserve

Whether you are facing criminal charges, serious injuries or a family law matter, hiring the right lawyers can help ensure that you are able to secure the best possible resolution.

I could go on for hours telling you about how amazing this Law Firm is. John and Rachelle are very helpful, and I couldn't ask for more wonderful people to work with. They help me through a really rough time of my life. I am very thankful for this place and these people.
Buffi Bornschein
01:28 07 Feb 18
Palmer George, PLLC is the most professional law firm in North Idaho, and possible the Pacific Northwest. The attorneys are unmatched in their knowledge of Criminal, Family, and Civil Law. Their staff is knowledgeable, professional, and treat everyone with dignity and respect. I have recently had a need for their services and was thoroughly pleased with their attention to detail, skills, and effectiveness. They do not seek to antagonize, but strive for positive results.In the course of my employment I have worked with over 25 attorneys in five different states and Canada, and Palmer George, PLLC is my first recommendation when I'm asked for a referral.Chris SullivanIntegrity Investigationsread more
Chris Sullivan
20:11 06 Feb 18
After talking ro numorous people in Idaho to help with our custody case we hit a brick wall. Our attorney in Reno talked to John George and he decided to go far beyond our case and investigate our unique situation and decided he could help. He helped us through and won our case and didnt charge us an arm and leg to do it. The office support is wonderful also. The girls are very helpful. We will be using their law office again in the future. Thank you John more
Nancy Kleinknecht
18:09 06 Feb 18
John George and his team were incredibly supportive during the most difficult time of my life acting as my advocate and making sure I understood the process and prepared me for long run. I highly recommend them for your family law needs!
Miranda Hamilton
18:09 06 Feb 18
I hired Michael G. Palmer of Palmer/George Law firm as my criminal attorney. In a criminal case it is important to establish a time line. Michael’s meticulous attention to detail did just that, allowing for a very congested mound of facts, figures, specifics, and hearsay to all be succinctly aligned to tell a story to the jury. He surrounds himself with a very skilled, efficient, tenacious staff and consultants, who will in turn, benefit you as the client. His staff’s courtroom preparation was spot on and Mr. Palmer’s professional interaction, clear communication to the jury, witness, and judge surpassed all expectations. One hears constant recommendations for him or her as a “good attorney,” but when it comes to Michael G. Palmer, he IS one of the top Criminal Lawyers in the state, and he proves it on a consistent more
Nichole Thiel
22:24 25 Nov 17
Samantha Hammond, Doris Lunceford, and the entire staff are professional and caring with a tenacious determination to represent their clients with excellent legal prowess. I could not have asked for better people to represent me and I am so grateful to them for working so hard to achieve a positive outcome for myself and my more
john kinyon
21:46 20 Nov 17
Samantha Hammond recently represented me for a child custody case. She is a pleasure to work with. Sam listens well and remembered all of the details of the case. She made me feel comfortable throughout the whole difficult process. Sam radiates confidence and her gentle side made me feel safe when I was feeling vulnerable. Her presence next to me during court helped me feel grounded, more comfortable and reassured that I would make it through this painful process. I was so thankful to have her by my side. I highly recommend Samantha Hammond because she has not only the expertise to navigate the system, but the strength of heart to do the right thing. Sam truly enjoys helping people, and has chosen the perfect career to do so. I am very thankful for the time she spent working with me on my more
Heather Lynn Welburn
08:01 11 Nov 17
Mike Palmer is a defense attorney "force to be reckoned with"! Not only is he extremely professional, qualified and experienced, he also has an AMAZING and UNMATCHED presence and demeanor in a trial setting. I have a close friend who was falsely accused of a horrible crime and he and his staff handled the entire case as a real pro and got her an extremely fast acquittal from the jury. To quote my husband..."Watching him in the courtroom was mesmerizing....Mike was BORN to do this!" He is extremely intelligent and well-versed in the law. I highly recommend him! He is worth his weight in gold!read more
Tacey Keylon
02:01 14 Oct 17
Michael Palmer is a fantastic lawyer and very knowledgeable in his profession. He fought hard to get me a fair deal and made me feel at ease with the whole court process. I highly recommend Michael Palmer if you want a lawyer with integrity that is not afraid to stand up for your rights.
Lin McIntosh
02:27 09 Aug 17
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