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Child Support

Child Support Lawyers for Coeur d’Alene & North Idaho

Our child support lawyers are committed to ensuring appropriate child support obligations. Fair child support levels benefit all parties, including your child. Obligations that are too high can leave the paying parent in financial straits. Obligations that are set too low can leave a child in need of basic necessities or create a difficult burden for the parent who receives support.

Child support levels are determined through the use of a formula which is contained in the state guidelines on child support. The formula looks at a variety of factors in an attempt to create a fair child support obligation that meets the child’s needs while not overburdening the paying parent.

Factors that are considered by the government in a child support determination include:

  • Each parent’s gross monthly income
  • How many nights each parent has the child
  • Expenses such as insurance costs, day care costs and other financial issues

The formula takes these factors into consideration and dictates child support amounts. The courts rarely deviate from the outputs that the formula creates. This makes it important that inputs such as income are correctly assessed. Income assessment can be straightforward for many people. They may just need to submit their W-2 to determine income. For business owners, contractors and others with more unique income situations, the determination may be more open to interpretation.

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At Palmer | George PLLC, our firm understands the impact that child support levels can have on people’s lives. Inappropriate child support levels can create financial havoc for anyone. You deserve to have child support levels that reflect the reality of your child’s needs and your and the child’s other parent’s financial situations. Our child support lawyers’ extensive experience allows us to help ensure that you are treated right when child support levels are being set.

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For help securing fair child support obligations, turn to experienced legal representation. It is time to turn to Palmer | George PLLC. For an initial consultation with one of our trial attorneys, call 208-665-5778 or contact us online.

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Palmer | George PLLC, North Idaho and Coeur d’Alene lawyers, serves cities in the 5 northern counties such as Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Post Falls, Rathdrum, Sandpoint, St. Maries, Wallace and more. Northern counties we serve: Kootenai, Shoshone, Boundary, Bonner, Benewah.

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