Modifications And Enforcement Of Family Court Orders

Settling family law matters can be very difficult. So much time and effort can go into creating an agreement with which both parties can live. But, these are living documents that are meant to govern people’s lives. Change happens. Someone may get a new job — or lose one. People may need to move to take advantage of an opportunity.

The agreement that worked for you in the past may no longer be the right fit for your current circumstances. You may also be facing a situation where the other party to your agreement may no longer be cooperating.

We can ask the court to modify your agreement or force the other party to begin meeting his or her obligations.
The most common issues that need to be modified or enforced are:

What Does The Court Look For?
When petitioning the courts to modify an existing family law agreement, the judge is going to be looking for evidence of material, permanent and substantial changes. This means that the changes need to have a permanent and substantial impact on the issue at hand. We know what types of evidence the court will be looking for and how to present it.

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