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A better future can often be had by making the right choices. Let our Coeur d’Alene lawyers help you make informed decisions when you are facing divorce, child custody or some other family law matter.

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A strong defense is your only safe bet when you are facing criminal charges. All criminal charges will have an impact on your life if you do not take them seriously. Our North Idaho and Coeur d’alene attorneys can help.

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No one should have to face difficult situations alone. Our firm has worked to be there for people in their times of need for decades. Palmer | George PLLC has been serving Coeur d’Alene since 2006.

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Serving Coeur d’Alene & North Idaho Since 2006

Coeur d'alene lawyers attorneysAt Palmer | George PLLC, our firm is committed to helping our clients through the difficult situations they are facing. We offer representation that is backed up by numerous attorneys with experience across a range of practice areas, including criminal defense, family law and personal injury. We understand what it takes to build the cases our clients need to help them move past the challenges they are facing.
*Palmer | George PLLC represents clients in the 5 northern counties. Cases outside of the 5 northern counties may be taken on a case-by-case basis.

Your Future Is In Good Hands

We take a team approach to the law. All of the Coeur d’Alene lawyers of our firm bring real depth of experience and skill. With a team approach, we are able to take on the most difficult cases with the confidence that comes from having faced issues like yours before. We use that team approach to the law to create the positive results our clients need when their futures are hanging in the balance. We know what is at stake for you and we work hard to secure the results you need.

Securing The Future You Deserve

Whether you are facing criminal charges or a family law matter, hiring the right North Idaho or Coeur d’Alene lawyers can help ensure that you are able to secure the best possible resolution.

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Call today for an initial consultation with an experienced CDA attorney. We will help you understand your options and how we can fight for you or your loved ones.

Michael was so kind with his time extremely patient and understanding of my situation. I wish I would had spoken to him first and I wish I could give him more than 5 stars. If you have an legal issue please give him a call.
23:35 21 Mar 24
If you’re ever in a hard place in life, I would highly recommend Palmer, George attorney at law. They will do everything in their power to help you and they treat you like family.
Rod Hansen
17:30 15 Jun 23
Mr. Michael Palmer represented my husband in a criminal case. My family and I thank Mr. Palmer and his team for representing our case and giving us hope for a brighter future. The outcome of the matter is outstanding. My husband was looking at 15-plus years; because of Mr. Palmer's professional knowledge of the law, my husband will only be serving the bare minimum. Throughout the stressful process, Mr. Palmer has always communicated with my husband and advised him on the next best step in the matter. If you are ever in need of a criminal attorney who will be in your corner every step of the way, you need Mr. Michael Palmer!read more
Vanessa Keyes
16:24 25 Apr 23
Michael Palmer is a very knowledgeable and experienced defense attorney. He provides advice that is spot-on and gives his clients straight and honest answers as to what they can expect from the prosecution, the judge and the system. His manner is comforting to individuals who are facing an incredibly stressful situation and the potential loss of their more
Mark Hausman
18:11 17 Feb 23
If you helped me I would think you were the greatestSince I don't have the money to hire you I'm pretty sure you don't really care it's all about the moneyI've been cheated out of my inheritance in Shoshone county and left homeless
Laurie Story
03:54 28 Jan 23
John George is the quintessence of a lawyer who utilizes vast legal knowledge and experience to clearly communicate the best course of action. If you are overwhelmed or confused by the myriad of factors concerning your situation, his advice and perspective will put your mind at ease. He is wise, friendly, understanding, and practical. I don't think you can go wrong by choosing him as your more
Sid Saunter
16:38 23 Oct 22
John George is the quintessence of a lawyer who utilizes vast legal knowledge and experience to clearly communicate the best course of action. If you are overwhelmed or confused by the myriad of factors concerning your situation, his advice and perspective will put your mind at ease. He is wise, friendly, understanding, and practical. I don't think you can go wrong by choosing him as your more
Ben McFarlane
18:32 13 Oct 22
Over the past 17 months Michael and Amber have assisted me through what will be a once in a lifetime experience. Professional, supportive and helpful. Highly recommend them and the Firm.
Kelly Leary
22:56 08 Sep 22
Michael Palmer represented my husband in a recent legal battle that went on for almost two years and threatened his freedom for a crime he did not commit. We went all the way to trial with his representation and reached a NOT guilty verdict. He is an extremely talented attorney that will fight for you. If you need an attorney you NEED him to represent you. His presence alone demands respect in the courtroom. My family is eternally grateful to more
Gina Mourning
01:40 25 Jun 22
To Michael Palmer and his staff, our most sincere and gracious thanks for handling my son's case. You were amazing in working with him, laying out expectations and so clear in your precision to get the outcome. There were no surprises, just honest communication. We are forever grateful. Thank more
Robin Parks
22:14 24 Jun 22
John George and his staff were such an amazing team during our adoption process. They would return calls and emails in a timely fashion. They were always willing to help, even years later when I had questions. I wouldn’t recommend anybody else but John and his team.
Dana Scholwinski
20:00 21 May 22
John George was absolutely wonderful during a child custody battle my husband and I had with his ex-wife. She was very nasty but John was amazing at handling it. He helped us show the judge the truth of everything. I would definitely recommend John if you are dealing with child custody.
Stephanie Phillips
16:16 21 May 22
My husband Andrew and I were in need of a family law attorney in Idaho.We had no idea who to use we found this law firm by searching on line.We just randomly picked this office and it was the best choice we could have made. John is awesome!! He cares about his clients and goes above and beyond for you. He is very personable and treated us like a friend would. He won us several cases overtime and still to this day when my husband has questions or needs some advice John is willing to take the time and be there for us. He is devoted to his clients to do the best job he can for more
connie burris
13:57 21 May 22
Two years defending me awesome person and great lawyer thank you, gave me back my life
Chris Lawson
23:28 11 May 22
Mr palmer help my family fight someone's lies, we got a not guilty verdict!?☺️ Means the world to our family! He was very professional and answered all of our ludicrous questions very promptly. Thank you for keeping my family together through this disaster!
Brittani Lawson
19:33 11 May 22
Mike Palmer is a very knowledgeable Lawyer. He explains things the way they are. He is professional in his work and I think has respect of the court. Our out come was better than expected and Mr.Palmer was even commended by the judge in his argument on a motion. That speaks Volumes !
Sharkys Painting
00:08 04 Dec 21
Mr. Palmer came very highly recommended and helped me tremendously when my freedom and reputation were on the line. He was very organized, professional and knowledgeable. When it came time to argue my case, he did so clearly and effectively which ultimately led to the dismissal of my case. I cannot thank him enough and would highly recommend more
c reese
20:34 03 Nov 21
My experience with Michael was outstanding. He is a true professional, always giving solid advice and has a knowledge base that is not common among attorneys. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.
Mac’s Edge
23:16 29 Sep 21
Michael Palmer is very clearly a hard worker, I have emailed him late in the evening and he called me shortly after i sent the email. I would very highly recommend him, i would give 100 stars if i could. He made things easy for me and put my nerves to rest. I have never met someone so helpfull and i just want to thank you again, i seriously cannot thank you more
Sly Bowman
23:35 23 Jul 21
Michael Palmer was a great attorney, he was always prepared and professional. Would highly recommend him and the other attorney’s at the firm.
jessica fahy
21:49 19 Jul 21
Michael Palmer was a godsend at a time that I really needed a great attorney. My case was dismissed, and I cannot thank him enough!
Lynn Mutter
18:36 14 Jul 21
This company got right to business in helping with my case thank you so much I would recommend Michael palmer and his partners to anyone
Terry Taormina
23:20 08 Jun 21
Exceptional lawyers. Michael Palmer is the best attorney in North Idaho. We have also worked with Samantha Hammond and she too is Exceptional. You would not be disappointed in any way with this Law office. If we could give 10 stars we would!
Sam Lynsay
23:07 03 Mar 21
Extremely happy to work with Michael Palmer and Samantha Hammond. Their extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind and efficient. Best law office I've had the pleasure of working with in North Idaho.
Lynsay Bryson
23:04 03 Mar 21
2/22/21 : Michael Palmer was a terrific advocate; well-prepared and effective in his recommendations. I would use him again. Thanks Michael !
Bruce Thompson
00:55 23 Feb 21
My experience with Michael Palmer representing me was exactly what was needed at the time. He was always prepared, direct, and got results. This is what you want from an attorney. Michael provides it. He has a real-time library of legal knowledge to draw from in the form of personal experience. Though, any stressful situation presents its challenges and the client’s and attorney’s goals with the case may not always be the same, what matters is the unyielding professionalism and ability Michael always provided.During my selection process for legal representation, I’d spoken with another very fine and highly qualified attorney, Sean Walsh. Sean said that Michael Palmer is who he’d personally hire for a loved one, if given the same situation. After my case was completed, Sean’s words about Michael proved absolutely true.Amber, a member of the Palmer George team with whom worked on the case, was also always professional and objective and thoughtful. From my experience, I am entirely confident that everyone at Palmer George will continue to provide the utmost quality legal services to their clients. When it comes to an attorney, reputation is more
Jon Dough
01:30 26 Sep 20
John George represented a family member of mine who was in a tricky situation of misunderstanding and unfortunate timing. John was efficient, knowledgeable, and thorough. He not only defended our family member and got the sentence dismissed, but he mentored and encouraged his client throughout the process in both the ways of law and of living a positive life. I would trust John with any legal defense for myself or anyone I care more
Ginny Whiteside
20:56 29 Aug 20
Michael Palmer demonstrated excellent communication and guidance. He effectively settled a case in a very favorable manner for an out of town client. In doing so, Mr. Palmer made a huge difference in a person's life while also being frugal with the retainer. You could ask for nothing more from an attorney. I recommend Michael Palmer without more
scott senn
21:36 14 Aug 20
Without hesitation I would recommend John George in family law matters.Originally I had a consultation with him in preparation for a divorce. He was honest and fair, encouraging me to seek mediation as a first resort. Jump forward a few months and I reached back out to John regarding concerns around my exes judgement in dating a woman with an extensive criminal and drug use history. John was patient, understanding and kindly directive as I expressed my concerns and sought help. I cannot thank him enough for validating my concerns. Honestly I was initially worried that I would just be seen as a meddling ex-wife and experience a dismissive stance (my own worry). Again, John and his paralegal, Rachelle, were nothing but honest and helpful in filing a modification on my behalf. Now jump forward two weeks and my exes girlfriend has just been cited and arrested on two misdemeanors, one involving injury to a child. I am nothing but grateful for John George and the modification that prohibited this woman from being around our son!read more
Christie Pelz
23:23 23 Jul 20
John H. George, ESQ stepped in on my Daughters Interstate Child Support case and helped to achieve a fair ruling for my grandson's well being! John listened to my daughter when we were turned away by many NJ and many Idaho lawyers. He hears the people in matters not just the rustling of paperwork. There are too many gaps in the legal system that make it difficult at best for parents with children in different states than one of their parents. John knew exactly how to fill those gaps in the system and did his job above and beyond by reading over 600 documents, pulling together a team in his office to tackle the challenges, and he made significant headway in Sandpoint ID Courts on virtual attendance. John is not just an excellent lawyer would make a great Leader in the area of Interstate Child Support for our Nation, he is smart, he is current, he has the heart for it and above all he listens to his clients and can carry that forward to Justice! Thank you John for bringing some peace to our family!read more
Julie Shoemaker
13:44 23 Jun 20
John helped us with a family matter that was extremely difficult. He was a source of incredible knowledge and was the constant professional. His years of experience were evident in how he handled our case. His demeanor in and out of the courtroom was respectful and dignified. John is a very insightful attorney and knows the law. He was clear in his explanation of the court proceedings and that was helpful so there were no surprises for us. We would definitely recommend more
Chris Ellis
22:14 26 Apr 20
Not always fun going through a divorce but John and Rachelle certainly made it easier. John laid out the options clearly for me, kept me calm when needing to make important decisions and ultimately helped me negotiate a positive outcome in a situation that could have been much worse. I received timely responses and updates every step of the way. Kudos to both John and Rachelle - great team!read more
Michelle Hummel
15:50 23 Feb 20
John George and his team were beyond helpful, we were so lucky to find him. I was involved in a custody battle, and I was terrified. John was calm, intelligent, and patient with us. He knew the Law, inside out, and helped us win the case! His rates were reasonable, and fair. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an above five star attorney!read more
Felicity Ray
16:28 19 Feb 20
My parents and I hired Mr. Palmer 4 years ago to help with my legal situation, and all I can say is wow. Mr. Palmer fights and fights hard, he does what's in best interest of you as the client and is so good with his words when presenting, evidence, testimony, whatever that may be. His paralegal and him are also on top of everything. We constantly got emails with updates of my situation and what the next step is. He also never missed any court hearing which you would hope for in an attorney. I highly recommending going through this law office weather its with Mr. Palmer or Mr. George. Pleasant experience, once again Thank You Mr. Palmer!!!!read more
Travis Young
00:25 01 Feb 20
I hired John George after working with another lawyer for almost a year. What a difference! John was very knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. He was also very aggressive dealing with my case getting things done at a much greater pace than I had experienced before. His paralegal Rachelle was also great to work with. I felt that they actually cared and where working for me. Very different than my previous experience. We got more done in a month than I got done in nearly a year with my previous lawyer. I would highly recommend John George. I only wish I had hired him to begin more
Dale Oyler
05:17 30 Jan 20
I was highly impressed by the professionalism of John George and his assistant Rachelle. They assisted me in a modification of my child custody, and I would recommend them to anybody seeking help with family law. The preparation leading up to trial, as well as the actual trial went even better than I had hoped. Though the opposing attorney had a reputation of being "one of the best", I was beyond grateful to have John representing me. In comparison he was prepared, organized, factual, and professional, unlike the more
Vonnie Schillereff
22:20 28 Jan 20
When I was younger, John George had represented me multiple times over the years. He has always put in an honest effort to help me through the difficult court systems when I didn't understand it.I definitely would suggest talking with him before making a decision.If I ever needed him again he would be my first call.Thanks again John. 🙂read more
Michael Taylor
07:43 23 Jan 20
I was amazed working with Michael. He holds so many facts in his head. But what is most amazing is his ability to conduct a persuasive argument. This is going to help you in spades. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great lawyer.
Andrew Hilsher
16:00 22 Jan 20
Michael Palmer, like Michael the archangel, is a fighter. He is an advocate you want by your side, whether you go to trial or in anything up to that point. His name carries weight. He can recognize, understand, and push against overreach and abuse of power when he sees it. He also has a good sense of humor and he listens to your concerns. We appreciate his staff as more
A Hai
19:54 10 Jan 20
Michael Palmer's expert defense got me a better outcome than I thought possible. His extensive courtroom experience and knowledge of the law helped me avoid a potentially career ending charge. He really came through for me at one of the lowest points in my life. Highly recommend!
Marie Mclaughlin
14:46 09 Jan 20
I hired Mike Palmer 7 months ago to be my attorney and I can't say enough great things about him. He litterly saved my life. He took his time looking into every piece of evidence and took the necessary steps to resolve my case using his knowledge of the law and his knowledge of my personal rights and how they were being violated. Mike was right from the start very honest with me and straight to the point. He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear... He told me the truth and what I should expect moving forward. He was always there's at every court date, and always able to be reached by phone or would soon after return the call. Although the process took some time if he is your attorney you can rest assured that he will see things through and justice will prevail. I would recommend Mike Paulmer to anyone in need of a criminal law lawyer without reservation. I am over the moon happy with everything he did for me and the outcome of my more
Jessica Angers
19:13 12 Dec 19
Outstanding attorney. Stood by me the whole time through my divorce. Staff was very helpful and his assistant Amber is very knowledgeable. She is a bit intimidating but that's cause she knows what she's doing. I highly recommend Michael Palmer!
Aurea Bryant
02:29 03 Dec 19
John George and his Team deserve more than 5 stars. I had John for both of my cases and with each of them, they was very helpful with any and every questions I had. John and Rachelle are both top notch and their experience and education in family court. This display is definitely noticeable in and out of the court room. the best part of it all was having that helping hand that helped me feel at ease and comfortable among that crazy period of time. Cant thank you all enough!read more
sam grillo
10:27 26 Nov 19
Mr. George and his staff are consummate professionals. My dealings tgere have been nothing short of what I paid for. Still waiting to see the outcome of a highly contested custody/divorce, but am hopeful. Will update after.
David Wilder
02:00 21 Sep 19
Excellent professional legal representation. Upfront thorough explanation of representation, the process and what to expect. We were very pleased with the strong representation and support we received in our decisions and the ultimate outcome of our case.
Clark Albritton
21:40 19 Aug 19
Mr. Palmer represented me very successfully during my DUI case. He and his paralegal Ms. Morris were incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. Some attorneys will try to sell you a better case than you truly have in order to get more hours out of you, but I felt that Mr. Palmer was straightforward and honest throughout in his representation of my case. The process as a whole was immensely less stressful as a result of their aid, and I would highly recommend their services to more
Manny Guerrero
19:59 15 Jul 19
I couldn't have chosen someone better than Samantha Hammond at Palmer | George. She's smart, cares about her clients, knows what she is doing and has a clever approach to problem solving. If you need someone in your corner, she's the person for the job!
Tim Zarra
21:33 25 Jun 19
It's easy to see how Mr. Palmer has a 5 star rating. I am just so blown away by the service Mr. Palmer provided for me. I had worked with a half dozen other attorney's that were unable to help me find resolution. In a matter of a phone call he was able to give me the information I needed to move forward. He was polite, friendly, professional. His rates were the best around as well. I know there is a stigma when it comes to this line of work. I can promise that Palmer will shatter any predisposed opinions you may have of working with an attorney. You are doing yourself a disservice not using this firm. I wish nothing but the best for Mr. Palmer and his associates. If I could give a higher rating I would. Moving forward my family and I will be exclusively working with this firm I highly suggest you do the same. Thank you so much Palmer & George PLLC. I cannot express how eternally grateful I am to have worked with more
Thomas Jackson
21:08 30 May 19
Best law firm around. Very caring and understanding. Above all else, professional. I wish I could blast this name high profile to everyone and anyone in need of legal assistance. Michael Palmer is by far my first and only recommendation to anyone I come across looking for help.
Amanda K
07:03 22 Apr 19
We don't all anticipate having matters occur in life that require legal matters, but life happens. Samantha was respectful and professional beyond what I could have asked for or imagined. She helped navigate a situation that was life altering to say the least. Her compassion, professionalism, and expertise ultimately led to a positive resolution. I couldn't have asked for better support and representation. I would recommend Samantha and her amazing paralegal, Kristy, to all!read more
Timothy Weed
20:48 08 Apr 19
Let me tell you the truth! Mr. Palmer is a fairly quiet and humble man, who just so happens to know his #@it! And he brings his A-Game to the Courtroom too! You might think you are walking in next to Peter Pan, but when you walk out you will absolutely know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are standing next to "King Kong"!!! I kid you not! Trust me this guy knows what he is doing. He gave me all the angles, so that I knew what I was getting into and helped me to make all the right decisions. When I walked into the Courtroom I felt the weight of a hundred tons of lead hanging over my shoulders, and when I walked out, I honestly felt like I could fly!!! And he was half the price of the other guys too! All I can say is "Thank -You Mr. Palmer", you are my personal "Miracle Worker"!!!Dr Steven A DuCharmeread more
Steven DuCharme
02:44 14 Mar 19
READ THIS!!! All I can say is this law firm is a blessing. It had been 4 months since I had seen my son. I couldn't even reach him by phone and he had been taken out of school. Hope literally seemed all but lost. I came to John George to see what he could help me through this family court jungle. He said he would do his best. I didn't realize how good his best was. He gave me the raw and honest truth that it would be an uphill battle to get visitation with my son but after doing my research I felt I was in the right place. I was literally running out of time and down to the wire to take action in my court case. His team masterfully responded with almost zero notice. They helped file a response and counter suit to the pending court action initiated by the other party. On step one, I felt like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders. On step two, I now felt like I had a clear plan of action and new what I needed to do to help this law firm help me. I was given clear expectations and a commitment by Mr. George and his team. In the end I was fortunate to receive a extremely favorable ruling from the judge. I went from getting 1 weekend per month with my son to half of the year. His mom had pulled him out of school, and George got him back into a regular school environment, so I could help monitor his school progress and participate in his life again. Its like I went from being a secondary parent to being a father again. John George helped the judge see through all the false accusations from the other party. It felt like so many wrongs had been made right! In the end I couldn't be happier with the way he handled the case. John listens and seemed like he knew exactly what he was doing. Hiring John George to handle my case was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It was like a real blessing or a miracle. If I could describe my experience in just a few words, it would probably be... "if family law was kung-fu, John George would be a Grandmaster 4th degree Blackbelt". Don't waste your time with other attorneys. Don't waste your money on consultations just to see if they want to take your case. Go to the most professional and efficient Law Firm in the region. Thank You!!!!! John and Rachelle you guys are my heros. I can finally get back to life and my family again!!!! No Words can express how grateful I feel to the experience I just had working with you guys. If your a father or mother and someone that wants the best outcome possible for "your child" get ahold of John George. You wont regret it. Sincerely,Chrisread more
Christopher Rees
22:08 13 Mar 19
Extreamly empathetic, they understand how difficult the situations are and help to the best they can.
Justin Ramey
08:29 11 Feb 19
Most professional and organized law firm I have worked with. Staff was always pleasant and friendly. Took the time for reminder calls for all hearings. Thoroughly explained my case in detail. Mr. Palmer went above and beyond. He was amazing in court and delivered with compassion and knowledge. Highly recommend this law more
Emily Singer
13:46 03 Dec 18
Miss Hammond was understanding but confident. We felt well taken care of through the whole process
Tina Reyes
07:10 26 Nov 18
Definitely five stars. John George and his team have met every one of my expectations in two separate child custody cases now. In each case, that were years apart from each other, John accurately predicted and clearly explained how things would go and the expenses involved. Everything was handled in a prompt and professional manner from start to finish. John and Rachelle were there for me every step of the way with continuous communication through phone calls, emails, text and office meetings. While defending me in open court I have always felt safe, protected and well represented. John speaks with confidence and presents the details of the case in a calm collected manner that truly displays his years of experience and education in family law. The outcome of each case was better than I expected. Nothing but positive things to say and I can’t thank them more
Dan Garnett
15:37 02 Oct 18
My son and I went to John George for new parenting plan paperwork relating to my grandson. John was very professional and was able to negotiate with the other attorney several times before the court so he had reached an agreement with him on most every issue before the court. That made the court time go more smoothly and even though he did an amazing job in court , those early negotiations were able to give us almost every single thing we had asked for. His assistant also worked very hard to get everything in and to keep us informed. I would recommend John George to anyone who needs a good attorney that will fight for you!!read more
Deborah Williams
19:44 01 Oct 18
After being married for 10 years to the love of my life, Palmer and George Pllc made the hardest months a bit easier to deal with and they were fare, fast and considerate with their time and responses. I would strongly recommend P.G.Pllc to anyone and everyone in need of help during some of life's hardest more
13:36 25 Sep 18
John George at Palmer George law firm in Couer d'Alene, ID, is simply the best anyone could hope for when it comes to dealing with the criminal justice system. Caring, deeply concerned and a master at communicating with the client and the justice system, he worked nothing short of a miracle for us when we needed help. I can't say enough good things about him and his more
00:30 25 Sep 18
We actually chose here because they had great reviews for a relatively small business. I had called for a free consultation and had actually been able to make an appointment with Samantha Hammond. We had come from bonners ferry and chose to travel for a better experience. We left super early because there was traffic in four different areas and road construction. But we were still going to be late. I called and she said it was fine to just come in anyway. I figured we would lose part of our hour consultation anyway and would not be able to get much done. I actually wanted to turn around and go back I was so frustrated. We did end up arriving just a little late, she saw us almost immediately and made more time before starting her next appointment that I’m sure our session was running into. This wonderful woman sat down with us both, explained everything in detail and how it was going to go, then, when we decided we just wanted to do it and get it done, she brought in all the forms to make that possible, going over every last detail. She helped us complete the entire process when we were allotted just a consultation, and let us know exactly what to expect. It went exactly how she had told us, was completely painless, never went over her named price point and we had not one complication throughout this entire process. This business is amazing. And when Ms.Hanmond could not immediately address something, her very capable and efficient staff picked it right up. We had every notice, every change brought to our attention immediately and the entire process was so painless. I am so thankful we chose this business and would highly recommend it from personal more
Mandy May
09:59 24 Aug 18
If you need any kind of help in the legal field at all, this is your place! Michael is extremely professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and eager to help you in your stressful time of need. By far goes above and beyond. Highly recommend
Lynsay Bryson
18:23 20 Aug 18
I came to see Atty John George for a Separation Decree modification, as my ex-wife was egregiously violating my parental rights concerning time with my children due to a poorly worded decree. John talked with me on the initial free consult for well over an hour. I was very impressed with his demonstration of both strength and compassion, and retained his services. And on the Decree Mod we pushed hard for more time with the kids not subject to my wife's veto, child support, and spousal maintenance.My ex-responded by turning the Seperation Decree into a divorce. At first glance, I seemed totally outgunned: She was bankrolled by her well-off mother. She had a list of around a dozen witnesses who were all going to testify she was super-mom and I was an evil villain. I couldn't afford the thousands required for an Expert Witness to testify as to why I should gain full (or at least split) custody of my second daughter. Much of my evidence was deemed hearsay as the opposing attorney invoked strict rules of evidence. And I had but one (1) witness - her probation officer. Hah. Yet John created an extremely compelling picture as to why I should be given what I asked for with the evidence we had. This was done so well that it brought my ex to Remediation. In remediation, I received almost everything I asked for - more time with my boys, split-custody with my second daughter, and saved several hundred dollars a month as well. I really couldn't have asked for a better family law attorney, or for it to turn out so well - amicable, and a smooth transition for the children, as the only thing that really changed for them was more time with their dad. Which is awesome. I give my highest recommendations to Mr. George for any family law issue, and to his entire firm. You can retain John or his partners with absolute confidence (I've retained Mr. Palmer as well for criminal defense for my daughter, where he worked wonders for her). These guys are simply fantastic at what they do.Bryan HughesDigital Marketing Lead Adworkz, more
Bryan Hughes
05:48 23 Mar 18
I would highly recommend Palmer/George Law firm. I needed someone to enforce a child custody order and not be emotionally compromised during litigations by the opposition. John took on my case and helped me out. If I had any questions, John or his staff would get back to me asap. Kristy and John have always been professional and helpful with anything I needed. You're in good hands more
Josh Hovde
07:24 06 Mar 18
I could go on for hours telling you about how amazing this Law Firm is. John and Rachelle are very helpful, and I couldn't ask for more wonderful people to work with. They help me through a really rough time of my life. I am very thankful for this place and these people.
Buffi Bornschein
01:28 07 Feb 18
Palmer George, PLLC is the most professional law firm in North Idaho, and possible the Pacific Northwest. The attorneys are unmatched in their knowledge of Criminal, Family, and Civil Law. Their staff is knowledgeable, professional, and treat everyone with dignity and respect. I have recently had a need for their services and was thoroughly pleased with their attention to detail, skills, and effectiveness. They do not seek to antagonize, but strive for positive results.In the course of my employment I have worked with over 25 attorneys in five different states and Canada, and Palmer George, PLLC is my first recommendation when I'm asked for a referral.Chris SullivanIntegrity Investigationsread more
Chris Sullivan
20:11 06 Feb 18
After talking ro numorous people in Idaho to help with our custody case we hit a brick wall. Our attorney in Reno talked to John George and he decided to go far beyond our case and investigate our unique situation and decided he could help. He helped us through and won our case and didnt charge us an arm and leg to do it. The office support is wonderful also. The girls are very helpful. We will be using their law office again in the future. Thank you John more
Nancy Kleinknecht
18:09 06 Feb 18
John George and his team were incredibly supportive during the most difficult time of my life acting as my advocate and making sure I understood the process and prepared me for long run. I highly recommend them for your family law needs!
Miranda Hamilton
18:09 06 Feb 18
I hired Michael G. Palmer of Palmer/George Law firm as my criminal attorney. In a criminal case it is important to establish a time line. Michael’s meticulous attention to detail did just that, allowing for a very congested mound of facts, figures, specifics, and hearsay to all be succinctly aligned to tell a story to the jury. He surrounds himself with a very skilled, efficient, tenacious staff and consultants, who will in turn, benefit you as the client. His staff’s courtroom preparation was spot on and Mr. Palmer’s professional interaction, clear communication to the jury, witness, and judge surpassed all expectations. One hears constant recommendations for him or her as a “good attorney,” but when it comes to Michael G. Palmer, he IS one of the top Criminal Lawyers in the state, and he proves it on a consistent more
Nichole Thiel
22:24 25 Nov 17
Samantha Hammond, Doris Lunceford, and the entire staff are professional and caring with a tenacious determination to represent their clients with excellent legal prowess. I could not have asked for better people to represent me and I am so grateful to them for working so hard to achieve a positive outcome for myself and my more
john kinyon
21:46 20 Nov 17
Samantha Hammond recently represented me for a child custody case. She is a pleasure to work with. Sam listens well and remembered all of the details of the case. She made me feel comfortable throughout the whole difficult process. Sam radiates confidence and her gentle side made me feel safe when I was feeling vulnerable. Her presence next to me during court helped me feel grounded, more comfortable and reassured that I would make it through this painful process. I was so thankful to have her by my side. I highly recommend Samantha Hammond because she has not only the expertise to navigate the system, but the strength of heart to do the right thing. Sam truly enjoys helping people, and has chosen the perfect career to do so. I am very thankful for the time she spent working with me on my more
Heather Lynn Welburn
08:01 11 Nov 17
Mike Palmer is a defense attorney "force to be reckoned with"! Not only is he extremely professional, qualified and experienced, he also has an AMAZING and UNMATCHED presence and demeanor in a trial setting. I have a close friend who was falsely accused of a horrible crime and he and his staff handled the entire case as a real pro and got her an extremely fast acquittal from the jury. To quote my husband..."Watching him in the courtroom was mesmerizing....Mike was BORN to do this!" He is extremely intelligent and well-versed in the law. I highly recommend him! He is worth his weight in gold!read more
Tacey Keylon
02:01 14 Oct 17
Michael Palmer is a fantastic lawyer and very knowledgeable in his profession. He fought hard to get me a fair deal and made me feel at ease with the whole court process. I highly recommend Michael Palmer if you want a lawyer with integrity that is not afraid to stand up for your rights.
Lin McIntosh
02:27 09 Aug 17
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