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5 things you can do to speed up your divorce

By July 27, 2017November 29th, 2017Divorce

If you are in the latter group, then there are some things you can do to possibly speed up your divorce, or at least prevent delays.

  1. Be prepared: Have all your financial documents, property ownership information and details on your child’s expenses requested and ready.
  2. Commit to mediation: This method of dispute resolution can be faster than litigation, as you can work through issues on your schedule, not the court’s schedule.
  3. Be willing to compromise: Giving in to certain demands or requests from your ex can keep the process moving instead of grinding to a halt.
  4. Manage your expectations: If you have unrealistic expectations for property division, custody or spousal support, then you can find you are spending more time and energy just getting to a point where negotiations can be effective.
  5. Keep communication civil: Getting caught up in mud slinging or harassing your ex can lead to more contention and possibly a restraining order that makes the situation more complicated and combative.

If you stay focused on the end goal — getting a fair divorce settlement — and avoid some of the common obstacles people put in their own way, you can get through your divorce a little more easily and quickly.

Having an attorney by your side can also be wise, as a legal representative can advise you of your options along the way and help you avoid costly mistakes that could drag the divorce out longer. With this kind of guidance, you can get through a difficult time and turn your attention toward your future.

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