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Challenging witness testimony crucial in drug cases

By July 27, 2017November 29th, 2017Drug Charges

People accused of a drug crime are typically portrayed as someone who thinks the rules don’t apply to them. Or, they are painted as someone who cares more about getting money than complying with the law or the safety of others.

Oftentimes, these characterizations come from the witnesses called in to testify against a person charged with a drug offense. Under these circumstances, it can be easy to feel defeated. However, you must remember that you can defend yourself against these charges, and this can involve challenging the credibility of the people accusing you of wrongdoing.

This includes everyone, even the police officers who say that they found evidence against you. As multiple cases have shown us, police officers make mistakes and may not always be as credible as people expect.

This could be the case for one officer who has been accused of planting evidence. According to reports, the man’s body camera recorded him placing a can containing a bag of white pills in a pile of trash, and then later returning to “discover” the can.

The officer didn’t turn his body camera on until after he placed the can in the trash, but the device automatically starts recording 30 seconds before an officer turns it on.

The case is under investigation, and the police commissioner maintains that there could be other reasons for the suspicious behavior. However, this potential misconduct and the officer’s resulting suspension could work to the advantage of others arrested by this officer for drug possession.

Discrediting an officer or any person who engaged in misconduct in a similar case can make their testimony less reliable, which can lead to a reduction or dismissal in charges.

Challenging witness testimony can be an essential defense strategy to employ when a person is facing serious charges like drug possession. An attorney experienced in defending people against these types of allegations and discrediting witness testimony can prove to be a valuable ally in the fight to avoid a criminal conviction

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