Criminal charges: a strong defense can make a material difference

By January 14, 2017Drunk Driving

We note on our website at the Coeur d’Alene law firm of Palmer George PLLC that, in criminal cases, “We hold the prosecution to the strictest standards.”

That declaration is not meant as bravado or line-in-the-sand rhetoric. Rather, it is simply passing along what our attorneys know from long-tenured and on-point defense experience, namely, that the only meaningful criminal representation is advocacy that is aggressively pursued and grounded in unstinting efforts to achieve best-case results for our clients.

This is a reality: When criminal law authorities — local, state and federal — target any individual in an investigatory probe, they command vast resources that they liberally employ. A central role of any defense attorney is to demand and ensure that they use their powers lawfully and prove every allegation against a person for whom a stark potential downside exists.

We take our duties as defense counsel most seriously, with our advocacy being buttressed by our attorneys’ collective experience exceeding more than a century.

And we bring that criminal defense experience to bear on behalf of Idaho clients across a wide universe of criminal-law concerns. Here are a few representative areas that we focus upon:

  • DUI/DWI charges
  • Drug offenses (ranging from possession to trafficking)
  • Domestic violence
  • Sex crimes
  • White-collar offenses, including theft
  • Federal charges

Although the type of work we do can differ in any given matter, a core component of our advocacy in every case is careful preparation backed by an absolute commitment to obtaining an optimal outcome for the people who need our help.

We will provide more detailed information about our criminal defense efforts in future blog posts, and also familiarize readers with the work we do in other practice areas, as well (such as family law and personal injury representation).

We greatly appreciate your patronage and look forward to providing you with blog entries you routinely find to be engaging and informative.

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