Focus on underage drinking and driving in Idaho

As reported in a local news outlet, a recent educational and awareness event conducted by numerous coordinating state agencies that focused on juvenile drinking, drug use and driving featured both goggles and giggles.

The latter is essentially a requirement for most young people-centered learning activities, especially those that are primarily focused upon something serious, and officials wanted their audience members to be both relaxed and attentive.

Thus, they encouraged both levity and sober contemplation on the subject matter as they stressed the perilous link between juvenile inebriation and motor vehicle accidents at an assembly for students from grades seven to 12 in the central Idaho town of Challis last week.

It is, of course, a fine idea that juveniles hear and heed the important message that drunk and/or high drivers are at obvious risk for vehicle crashes and resulting injuries.

And, as we note on our criminal defense blog at Palmer George & Taylor PLLC in Coeur d’Alene, it is also important for them to note the serious penalties linked with driving under the influence, which can be triggered for Idaho drivers under 21 with even a scant blood-alcohol content of 0.2 percent. Moreover, minor in possession of alcohol charges can also attach in many instances, yielding additionally heavy exactions.

Many young offenders optimistically believe that the downsides concerning any brush with the law involving drinking will automatically be trivial and, ultimately, inconsequential.

In fact, that is seldom the case, with fines — and even jail time in some instances — resulting for juveniles who run afoul of Idaho laws focused upon drinking-related behaviors.

Our experienced attorneys routinely advocate diligently on behalf of underage clients who face legal challenges. We welcome your contacts to our firm regarding a criminal charge involving alcohol, drugs or any other matter, seeking to secure a best-case outcome in every case we handle.

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