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Recent stats render this clear: Idaho is focused on drug crimes

By July 10, 2017June 16th, 2020Drug Charges

Idaho law enforcers and prosecutors are uncompromising when it comes to virtually anything having to do with illegal drugs in the state, routinely adopting an exacting stance that is geared toward criminal convictions and the securing of harsh sentencing outcomes.

We duly note that on the drug crimes page of our criminal defense website at the Coeur d’Alene law firm of Palmer | George PLLC. We stress therein that the charges we defend against on behalf of clients from across the state that need our help relate to a broadly encompassing range of alleged unlawful behaviors, spanning simple possession to drug trafficking activities.

And, unsurprisingly, the list of drugs involved is varied and lengthy. We defend a diverse clientele against charges linked with marijuana, prescription drugs, cocaine, methamphetamine, hallucinogens and more.

It is clear that the work done by knowledgeable, aggressive and impassioned attorneys on behalf of state residents facing stringent drug charges is not going to decrease anytime soon. In fact, recently reported statistics indicate that, conversely, Idaho authorities are focusing in on drug crimes more than ever before.

Here’s a telling number that supports that assessment: Reportedly, drug crimes spiked by more than 15% last year as compared with 2015. One media report spotlighting that jump calls it “striking.”

In practical terms, it extrapolates to this: more than 11,300 unlawful drug-related acts reported in Idaho last year.

Of course, that spike is arguably linked closely with what authorities posit, namely, more drug-related activity. The upped numbers and alleged ratcheting up of crime might also be attributed in part, though, to a heightened law enforcement focus on drug crimes within the state. If more time, money and resources are devoted to uncovering and prosecuting drug crimes, then, inevitably, more criminal activity in the area will be uncovered.

The bottom line is that many Idaho residents need practiced and immediate help when they are arrested on drug charges and facing a potentially dire sentencing outcome. A proven criminal defense attorney well-versed in drug-crimes advocacy can meaningfully respond to that need.

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