A Few Rounds Of Ammo Could Add 10 Years To Nampa Man’s Drug Sentence

By April 3, 2017Drug Charges, News

A Nampa man recently pled guilty to federal drug and ammunition charges. He is facing up to 20 years for possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine and an additional possible 10 years for the possession of ammunition.

That additional 10 years for the ammunition charge is based on the discovery of two rounds of 16-guage ammunition and five-rounds of 20-guage ammunition in the garage of his house during his arrest on drug charges.

Given the popularity of hunting and firearms in Idaho, it is very possible for there to be several rounds of ammunition in almost any household. But, if a person has a previous conviction, it can mean that there must be absolutely no firearms of ammunition in the home. If there is ammunition in the home – even just a few rounds in the garage – this is the situation a person can face: A possible 20 year-prison term for drugs is now a possible 30 year-prison term.

Misunderstanding Of Possession Standards Can Mean Jail Time

Those who have previous convictions need to be extremely careful when it comes to the possibility of the police determining that they were in possession of firearms or ammunition. Possession does not mean in your pocket or in your immediate vicinity. Possession, as this case illustrates, can mean in your garage as well.

Given the fact that for many people, the garage is sort of a dumping ground as much as it is a storage area, it is all too easy to imagine forgotten about ammunition – even a single shell – being the basis for additional criminal charges and years in prison.

Take simple measures to ensure this does not happen to you. Check your home for errant ammunition so that you can avoid these very serious consequences.

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