St. Patrick’s Day/weekend: for sure, an enhanced police presence

By March 14, 2017Drunk Driving, News

For Idahoans across the state who like to congregate with friends and family members after work to socialize and lift a glass or two of suds, what could promise to be more inviting than St. Patrick’s Day falling on a Friday this year?

Many people who are into leprechaun imagery and green beer have undoubtedly already circled their calendar entry for this upcoming Friday and made party plans. Some pronounced socializers have likely duly noted as well that the weekend, too, is chock full of tacked-on opportunities to mingle in bars and favorite eateries.

Here’s a point, though: If you’ve noticed that, it’s probably a good idea for you to additionally acknowledge that law enforcers across the state are also well aware of March 17 and the special significance it holds for many who look forward to a bit of St. Patrick’s revelry each year.

Here’s an admonition that we think might be reasonably well received by most people intent on hoisting a beer or three this upcoming weekend: Be careful about jumping behind the wheel and turning that ignition switch to head home after the final toast is made.

Because rest assured, there will be a heightened on-the-roads law enforcement presence across the state over the next week or so. As noted in one recent Idaho media report, a St. Patrick’s mobilization will yield “enforcement patrols statewide searching for drunk and impaired drivers.”

If you’re one of those and stopped, there is a certain promise that any post-gala feelings you have will abruptly come to an end. Idaho motorists arrested for drunk driving face myriad unpleasant exactions, including possible jail time, license suspension or revocation, fines that truly sting and other penalties.

A DUI/DWI is never pleasant, to be sure. Readers with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of a drinking-related police encounter can obtain candid and timely guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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