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Students and drugs: These crimes can affect your future

By June 21, 2017November 29th, 2017Drug Charges

Drug crimes can quickly put a student’s academic life at risk. Whether it’s possessing drugs or trying to sell them to someone else, the criminal act can lead to time in prison along with other penalties.

One thing that some people may not consider is the actual impact a drug crime can have on a student even when the school doesn’t turn to the police. The administration can penalize a student for drug possession by suspending him or her, which can mean having to go to a new school.

If that happens, it may also mean that the student can’t get a reference from anyone at the previous school for college. That has the potential to seriously influence the child’s future.

What can parents do if their children face drug possession charges?

As a parent, you should reach out to your attorney to begin defending your child right away. The conviction of a student can lead to far-reaching consequences, and even if the police aren’t involved, the school administration could decide on severe punishments that influence your child’s future. Your attorney may be able to reason with the school’s administration or negotiate with the prosecution to help reduce or eliminate the charges against your child.

Are drug crimes really that serious in high school?

They can be. While some criminal acts may be sealed in a juvenile’s record, they still impact them until they reach adulthood. Applications to college, job applications, and other activities may be affected. Your child could lose his or her spot on a sports team or lose scholarships. There are many different ways the crimes can affect them, even when you only consider how the school itself may penalize the student. If the school does turn to the police, your child may face time in juvenile detention or have to participate in drug abuse programs.

Your attorney can help you navigate this situation. It’s in your child’s best interests to work with someone who can help protect him or her while the charges are processed.

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